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Leading Diagnostic Testing in the MidWest


World class diagnostics under the same roof

Rapid Testing

Rapid testing: Contact NexGen Labs for more information.

PCR Testing

PCR testings: We provide testing for all COVID related viruses.

Clinical Laboratory Services

NexGen Labs offers clinical laboratory services at low cost.

Work Related Testing

We provide diagnostics for work related drug testing for employers.

Comprehensive Testing


NexGen Labs provides affordable lab testing that is a crucial resource for individuals who need to monitor their health regularly or diagnose a particular ailment. These services offer low-cost options for blood tests, urine analysis, allergy screenings, and other laboratory tests. 

Alcohol Testing
Quick testing for any alcohol related issues.
Herpes 1 & 2 Tests
Advance testing for Herpes related viruses.
Hepatitis B & C
Comprehensive tests available.
Syphilis Testing
Discrete testing for all STDs.
Gonorrhea Testing
Discrete testing for all STDs.
Chlamydia Testing
Discrete testing for all STDs.
Comprehensive testing for HIV
Drug Testing
Comprehensive drug testing.

Partnering with employers

We provide work related testing for employers throughout the region. Fast, affordable, convenient and reliable.

Lab Testing

We providing testing options that help guide you on your journey to wellness. We are a full service laboratory leading In diagnostics.

about NexGen Labs

NexGen Labs offers approved diagnostic testing nationwide that is HIPPA compliant.

NexGen professionals use specialized instrumentation and techniques to analyze patients’ samples, such as blood, urine, body fluids and tissue. We work to the highest standards in the industry which are government regulated and approved.


Benefits of Testing in a Clinical Laboratory.

Clinical laboratory tests help diagnose, monitor and treat health conditions. Test results provide important information to create individualized care plans for patients and for research. Clinical labs have advanced technology and follow strict safety measures to ensure accuracy especially when dealing with delicate samples. By testing in a clinical lab, health issues can be detected quickly and efficiently to speed up their resolution.

NexGen Lab Testing

Accuracy and Reliability of Clinical Lab Results.

A laboratory’s main role is to give accurate results. They have well-trained staff and use quality control methods to ensure good data. Sometimes, multiple tests are needed to confirm a diagnosis. The process is monitored and documented carefully, from sample collection to testing method, to give the best results for patients and their healthcare choices.

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