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Gonorrhea - Chlamydia - HIV - Drug - Alcohol - Herpes

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Hepatitis B - Hepatitis C - Syphilis - COVID-19 - Antigen - PCR


We use the latest equipment to ensure fast and accurate testing.


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Your health is our priority

Our goal is to provide the most accurate and fast testing for your overall health and ease of mind. 

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High Standards

To ensure that testing is done to the highest standards for our clients we employ the latest technologies and safety protocols.
Work Related Testing

Choose a Laboratory That Adheres to Professional Standards and Regulations.

Clinical lab services are strictly regulated, and the best way to guarantee accurate results is to choose a lab that meets professional standards.. NewGen labs meet the highest standards and have qualified personnel performing tests, so you can be sure that your results will be reliable and accurate. Because it is also important to ensure the laboratory staff is helpful and knowledgeable, we have the best qualified personnel to help you. If you need help with your work-related tests, NexGen can provide for you.

Why Choose Us

Find the Nearest Facility for Blood Test Procedures

To save time and money when getting a blood test, it is important to schedule an appointment with the nearest facility. You can schedule appointments online using the forms available on our website, or you can contact NexGen directly to speak with someone. Make sure to get clear instructions on how to prepare for the procedure and what documents you need to bring with you to your appointment.

What We Do

Prepare for the procedure and follow proper protocols while there.

Finding the right blood test facility can be a daunting task. To make it easier we have provided this website for the information you need or you can speak to one of our staff by calling us directly.. So you know you’re making an informed decision read the reviews available on our Google My Business site. When possible, try to select a blood test facility close by, so you don’t have to travel too far. Make sure to double-check hours of operation before coming to our facility and fill our our easy contact from before getting tested.